About Us

WARREN, Mich. — Court officials, probation officers and small businesses in the metro Detroit area now have a reliable option for their drug testing and counseling needs with the opening of Michigan Counseling Group, a state-of-the art, fully licensed facility in Warren. The new facility offers a wide range of services, including preventive education, treatment, individual counseling, anger management support and domestic violence groups, classes and workshops. Michigan Counseling Group also provides multi-panel drug screening with offsite lab certify testing along with DNA testing solutions. “We are very pleased to officially open the Michigan Counseling Group office, a facility that is sure to become the first choice in southeast Michigan for drug testing, counseling and a variety of other services,” said Kumar, Owner of Michigan Counseling Group. “Our clients never have to wonder if our facility is open, as we maintain convenient hours and have 24-hour on-call staff available to support businesses and organizations that need our services on short notice. Through these efforts, we aim to provide the most reliable solutions in the region.”

In addition, Michigan Counseling Group participates in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and its team is able to visit courtrooms, offices, workplaces and homes to perform offsite testing on most of its services. The company’s offsite staff includes former and off-duty police officers, bail agents and bounty hunters, with a mobile team that can visit clients that cannot come to the Michigan Counseling Group facility. The company also has a strict policy when it comes to no-shows and has high expectations for its testing services while providing instant reports to the court system, if needed. Its drug testing solutions include checking for all types of substances, from THC to bath salts and other more recent street paraphernalia.

Michigan Counseling Group also provides educational courses to help young people avoid dangerous activities like texting while driving or operating a vehicle while intoxicated. “Our services are perfect for judges and family members who need to help someone overcome drug addiction, anger issues, alcohol abuse, texting and driving and other problems,”., Executive Management & Probation Support of Michigan Counseling Group . “Above all, we cater our services to meet our clients’ needs. It’s about time there was a truly reliable drug testing facility and counseling resource in metro Detroit.” Michigan Counseling Group has established quality control protocols that allow its team to authenticate all results before their release to the appropriate personnel. Its pre-security room ensures that no one can falsify any test.

The company also has a non-color code call-in system for its clients’ convenience and peace of mind, and its team strives to deliver the best customer service possible in all situations. “At Michigan Counseling Group , we do not believe drug testing is a punishment,” said Kumar G., Client Services for Michigan Counseling Group . “We believe it’s the first step on the path to rehabilitation. We hope that keeping our clients accountable for their actions will lead them to live a better and more constructive life.”