4 Kids Found Living in Detroit Home with Fentanyl Lab

4 Kids Found Living in Detroit Home with Fentanyl Lab  

The Michigan State Police Chemical Unit is on their way to the home to remove the substances” – WJBK, Detroit Fox News

You know it’s bad when the Michigan State Police Chemical Unit is on the way to your house to remove ‘substances’ and your children have been removed from your custody and given to their mother.

That is what one father is going through today, as just this morning his four children were found living in his Livingston/Washtenaw area home in Detroit where a fentanyl lab was being ran out of the basement. And to make matters worse, the fentanyl; an opioid pain medication that is significantly stronger than morphine, was being cut up, and sold off as heroin.

It was less than six months ago when eleven police officers were exposed and made ill to particle air dust from a fentanyl/heroin substance in Harford, Connecticut during a drug bust. Police across America have been trained and warned about fentanyl’s dangers, including thousands of overdose drug deaths, as a small amount can be potent enough to be deadly. Since a small amount can cause death when ingested through the airways or absorbed through the skin, the concern is rising as it continues to be used in more and more areas as a substitute or addition to heroin.

It’s pretty safe to say that fentanyl is some pretty nasty stuff, and it’s horrific to think four children were living a few feet above a lab messing around with the drug. If you or someone you know has a problem with heroin, opioids, or fentanyl, please seek help immediately.

“Heroin is bad enough, but when you lace it with fentanyl, it’s like dropping a nuclear bomb on the situation,” Mary Lou Leary, a deputy director in the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, told NPR. “It’s so, so much more dangerous.” – DrugFree.Org, Fentanyl-Laced Heroin Worsening Overdose Crisis, Officials Say


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