Michigan Counseling Group Driver’s License Restoration Services in Warren, MI

Has your State of Michigan Driver’s License been suspended or revoked? With the help of Michigan Counseling Group Driver’s License Restoration services you can finally meet all legal obligations to satisfy the necessary criteria and requirements for one flat affordable cost and without all the headaches of trying it alone.

Driver’s License Restoration Services

When you turn to Michigan Counseling Group in Warren, Michigan, you can count on our fully licensed counselors to conduct all assessments, complete all necessary reviews and have the mandatory substance abuse lab tests performed per the State of Michigan’s Driver’s License legislation. For additional information on the driver’s license restoration services offered or to schedule an initial assessment with our licensed professionals, call 586-510-4992 today.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Convictions

Master’s level clinicians at Michigan Counseling Group provide substance abuse assessments for those people who are involved in litigation with the courts and are trying to get their driver’s license reinstated. Call 586-510-4992 for pricing and more information.

During the evaluation, all current and past use of alcohol and drug substances need to be disclosed to the clinician. Additionally, lab testing results will be reviewed by the Michigan Counseling Group clinician and discussed before wrapping up the evaluation. If convicted of a DUI, it is mandated by the Michigan Secretary of State to undergo a substance abuse evaluation per a list of specific criteria.

Operating Under the Influence of Liquor (OUIL) Convictions

Master’s level clinicians will provide substance use assessments to first time offenders convicted of operating under the influence of liquor while driving. Call 586-510-4992 for pricing and more information.

During the evaluation mandated by court there will be a discussion regarding all past use and current habits pertaining to drinking liquor and other alcohol, as well as drugs. The necessary labs that are required for court are performed and the results will be reviewed and discussed by the Michigan Counseling Group clinician.

Repeat Offender – Substance Use Assessments

The professional clinicians and counselors at Michigan Counseling Group are here to provide substance use assessments for those convicted of multiple offenses. These include having two or more drunk driving offenses. If you are in this category and want to have your driver’s license reinstated, call Michigan Counseling Group. Call 586-510-4992 for pricing and more information.

Getting Back Behind the Wheel is Possible with Michigan Counseling Group

If you have lost your license in the state of Michigan because of a DUI or drug offense, then know that it is not impossible to get your driver’s license reinstated. But to get the courts to give the go ahead for you to have the right to drive, there is a set of criteria and tasks that must be completed. By completing the requirements of the court, you are essentially trying to prove to them that the drinking and drug problems of your past will not be interfering with your ability to drive in the future. You need to prove you will not be drinking and driving.

SOS 257 Form – Official request for administrative hearing

After a DUI or OUIL offense in Michigan, it’s necessary to request a hearing with the Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division. Normally people are only allowed to have one hearing a year with the state. In order to file for the hearing, a SOS 257 Form must be submitted to the courts.

SOS 258 Form – Official Michigan Substance Use Evaluation

A SOS 258 Form is also necessary per the courts in order to fulfill the requirements set forth of the Michigan Substance Use Evaluation. Both forms will need to be filed together with the Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division in order to officially request the administrative hearing.

During evaluations with Michigan Counseling Group the following will be reviewed:

The person’s Master Driving Record, four letters of support (notarized and less than six months old) plus a recent 12-panel urinalysis drug screen test.

Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division

When presenting your case with the Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division, a number of evaluation forms will be required at the time of the hearing. These include:

  • Evaluate forms and results from testing, assessments and examinations
  • Attendance records from support groups
  • Criminal record substance abuse charges and convictions
  • Substance abuse and alcohol treatment history and relapse history
  • Diagnosis and positive prognosis from a licensed evaluator
  • The person’s present work and living situation (including address and phone) as well as information regarding the lifestyle and environment changes that have occurred since the driver’s license suspension.
  • Any important and relevant information regarding the current circumstances of the person.
  • A plan for sobriety in detail from the person for how they plan to maintain their status of sobriety.

Why You Should Use Michigan Counseling Group Driver’s License Restoration Services

When you obtain the services of Michigan Counseling Group to help you with your driver’s license restoration, our professionals will ensure you have everything necessary for your administrative hearing. On your end, you will need to do your part to change the way you live your life and your substance abuse habits. Letters of reference will be needed down the line from people who know you that can strongly attest to the change you have undergone.

We will take care of all the hard stuff while you focus on what matters most—sobriety.

Let us help you get from point A to point B of the challenging process in place for getting your Michigan State driver’s license reinstated so you can drive to work, school and the other necessary stops away from home your lifestyle requires.

We will let you know everything you need to do and we will hold up our end of taking care of all the other stuff the court requires. With one low time fee, you won’t have to struggle anymore with the difficulty and stigma associated with losing your driver’s license in the state of Michigan.

If you have lost your driver’s license in Michigan, pick up the phone today and call our friendly professionals at 586-510-4992 to get started. We are also available for your clients, patients and loved ones who have been convicted of a DUI or OUIL and need help having their driver’s license reinstated. Even if you only need information or have questions, we are available.

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