Louisville, KY Latest City of Heroin Overdoses

Louisville, KY Latest City of Heroin Overdoses – 52 Calls in 32 Hours

The latest surge of heroin drug overdoses is in Louisville, Kentucky; where Louisville Metro Emergency Services reported they responded to 52 overdose calls in 32 hours (more than double for the prior week). The heroin epidemic has quickly gained momentum through America, plaguing communities with its extreme euphoria and horror. Heroin is traumatically affecting people and doesn’t discriminate; young, old, man, female, rich, poor, big, little. It doesn’t matter, no one seems safe from the horror sweeping the country.

The city of Louisville is not new to the heroin problem, and in fact, the city’s opioid problem has only been getting worse. The only change seen is the influx of people being rushed to Norton Audubon Hospital suffering from drug related overdoses, and the majority are heroin related. EMT’s, hospital emergency room doctors, and staff are just plain overwhelmed at this point by the sheer masses of heroin overdoses coming through the doors. Families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers all over the city have suffered through multiple funerals as a result of the heroin problem.

It is difficult to find a person in Louisville, Kentucky that has not been affected by the heroin epidemic.

  • On average, 22 overdoses a day are brought into Louisville, KY’s emergency rooms
  • In January 2017, Louisville Metro Emergency Services responded to 695 overdose calls
  • According to CNN’s news report – a Norton Audubon Hospital ER doctor treated 9 overdoses in one single shift
  • Midnight Wednesday February 8 through Friday February 10 at 8am (EST): 52 overdose calls into LMES (mostly heroin overdoses)


The frustration of those left behind has led to an overwhelming group of advocates fighting a substance abuse treatment and recovery process for those left twisting in the wind from a heroin or opioid addiction. Help is needed, and it’s needed sooner rather than later. Every day with no action is a day lost. Another day is a repeat of rising emergency room drug overdose cases and deaths.

Entire communities just like Louisville, KY are suffering from rising crime rates and cluster funerals as a result of the heroin and opioid epidemic. It’s time to stop focusing on the punishment for users and get to the root of the problem. It’s time to start working towards a mass solution in society to relieve the burden on the health care system, and to ultimately to prevent the senseless crimes and deaths happening in skyrocketing numbers.


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