Michigan Diagnostics Alcohol and Drug Services Offers Alternative to Serving Jail Time

Michigan Diagnostics Alcohol and Drug Services Offers Alternative to Serving Jail Time

The Bureau of Prisons reports nearly half of people in prison are in for drug-related offenses. The cost of incarceration is high, and it’s rising with the average cost of an inmate as $31,286 per year. Not to mention, prisoners are not part of the workforce, further hurting the nation’s economy. Keeping drug offenders (possession mostly) out of prison saves money and benefits the economy, if they are responsible, productive members of society.

Resources for Drug Offenders

With addiction being the cause of most of the possession cases that enter the courtroom, having resources to turn to during judgment can help keep those addicted out of prisons.

Concerns Related to Active Addiction

Active addiction can lead to overdose. The rate of death from drug overdose hit a peak just two years ago, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Most of these overdoses were due to opioid use, such as pain killers and heroin. Michigan is 10th in the nation for opioid drug use, and the 18th in the total number of overdose deaths. While Michigan has been making accessibility changes for medication to reduce opioid addiction and overdose deaths, it’s a work in progress.

MDADS serves to protect individuals from the risks of drug addiction with offender monitoring, PBT, tethering, and GPS services. M-TRACK offers an accountability monitoring solution. It is powered by SCRAM and SOBERLINK. It’s an alternative to jail.

MDADS offers many M-TRACK programs. Soberlink BREATH PBT units, Scram CAM, GPS, BREATH PBT, and HOUSE ARREST monitoring systems are all utilized for tracking offenders. They are the most effective ways to ensure offenders receive the monitoring needed to keep them accountable.

Contact MDADS right now for more information on these programs by calling 586-510-4992.

Therapy for Support and Guidance

People suffering from drug or alcohol addiction often deal with unresolved inner turmoil. According to Steven Earll, MA, MS, LPC, LAC, “Unresolved family trauma is at the root of most major life conflicts facing individuals and families. Addictions, personal dysfunction, relationship conflicts, divorce, and abusive behaviors often find their origins in a painful family history.” Treatment for deep rooted issues can help addicts recover to become productive members of society. “All families and individuals encounter trauma at some point in their lives; the way we handle trauma often determines how it will affect our lives and our family’s life for years – or generations – to come,” Earll says. When people learn better ways to handle life’s challenges, they have a higher chance of success with addiction recovery and rebuilding their life.

Michigan Diagnostics Alcohol and Drug Services (MDADS) offers a convenient way to refer offenders to counseling services (substance abuse counseling, individual and group therapy, and alcohol and drug assessments). With professional therapy, offenders can receive the support, guidance, and education needed to recover from addiction and put their life back on track by re-entering the workforce and caring for their family.

Referrals for Drug Offenders

Time is of the essence with busy courtrooms. MDADS provides a quick and easy referral source for judges and lawyers to use in cases. Call 844-MDADS-4-U for instant access to drug monitoring systems and addiction treatment options.