Michigan Drug Raids Expose Deeper Issues

Michigan Drug Raids Expose Deeper Issues

January 17 was a bad day for drug dealers in Gallia County. In a span of 24 hours, Sheriff Matt Champlin of Gallia County and his deputies raided an alleged trafficking site and meth lab. This resulted in arrests and seizures of drugs and cash.

Cracking down on the drugs being trafficking across Michigan and the nation is one issue. The other, deeper issue is the influence and impact of the drug addiction that has infiltrated the streets. The amount of illegal activity is evident when raids like the one in Gallia County occur. While arrest and prosecution can be a solution, it’s doesn’t attack the root of the problem – drug addiction.

It’s not easy to eradicate the drug problems in our area. The purpose of police and prosecutors are simply to make drugs less accessible, but this is time-consuming and dangerous. Most criminals are armed and have a wide net of allies. Raids may only skim the surface of the problem, and may even increase the hostility among the drug community.

It’s the root of the area’s drug problem that must be taken care of. The root of drug addiction lies in:

  • Insecurity
  • Loneliness
  • Unemployment
  • Hopelessness

All of these contribute to the drug culture in this nation. Not until we are able to solve those feelings and situations will we be able to get a hold on the effects of addiction.

How We Help

The lack of resources to help addicts is the #1 complaint of most prosecutors. With no source of referrals for drug addiction, addicts simply float through the system with no direction. This leads to overpopulated prisons and a drug society that functions inside and outside of the penitentiaries.

Michigan Diagnostic Alcohol and Drug Services (MDADS) is a full-service referral source for people suffering from drug addiction.


  • Drug and Alcohol Testing: With lab and instant drug testing in our facility, we can ensure offenders remain compliant with probation. All of the tests performed can be used in courts and legal proceedings.

Our drug and alcohol testing can also be performed for pre-employment and random screen drug screens for employees. Partnerships with hiring agencies and local/county courts have made it possible to ensure employees are clean and sober for employment.

With unemployment being a huge reason for drug addiction, drug screens can ensure employers can hire workers with drug-related records. This can be an important, first step towards an addiction-free life.


  • Offender Monitoring: MDADs offers M-TRACK. This accountability monitoring solution is powered by SCRAM and SOBERLINK, and is being used by state, county and local court agencies, as well as bail bond companies. Other services include Scram CAM, GPS, BREATH PBT and HOUSE ARREST monitoring systems.


  • Counseling Services: Insecurity, loneliness, and hopelessness lie in those who are suffering because of mental disorder or life’s tragedies. Uncovering the source of these feelings and attaining resolution can lead to recovery in mental health and addiction.


Our referral system can help prosecutors secure family marriage counseling, substance abuse counseling, individual group therapy, and alcohol and drug assessments. These therapeutic resources along with monitoring and drug testing services, offenders addicted to drugs can begin and achieve addiction recovery.

Contact MDADS today for more information on these and other services to help your substance abuse clients. We work with many law offices in the area to help them provide their clients with the resources they need to save their life from the consequences of drug-related crimes.