Restoring your Driver’s License

Restoring your Driver’s License

Drinking and driving is not only dangerous but it is also an offense for which you might have to cough up hefty fines as well as lose your driver’s license. In a worst case scenario, you might even end up in jail as well. The time period of revoking your license depends on your history of convictions for drunk driving. Restoring your license is a tough process, and you need to get everything right the first time.

Michigan driver’s license reinstatement is extremely challenging as you will have to present your case in a convincing manner in front of the Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division. If you commit your 2nd OWI or DUI within 7 years of your first, then your license shall be revoked for at least 1 year. Additionally, if within 10 years you get convicted of a 3rd OWI or DUI then your license shall be revoked for 5 years. Once this time period is over, you will need to ask for a hearing by filling out the forms SOS 258 and SOS 257 at the Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division. The hearing officer is the only personnel to decide whether your license can be restored or not. He/she is the only one to decide whether to give you a full license or restricted license, only after hearing your case.

The hearing is nothing but an official plea to convince the officer that the driver is sober and is no longer abusing drugs or alcohol.  You will need a competent lawyer or counseling agency by your side to guide you through all of the steps.

The driver also needs to get through the SAE or Substance Abuse Evaluation while producing letters from other people from their community to say something about their past and present drug or drinking habits. The SAE is filled up by a certified doctor or drug abuse therapist. There needs to be some congruence between the Substance Abuse Evaluation documents and the letters produced from community representatives. Michigan driver’s license reinstatement can be denied if the hearing officer finds any kind of discrepancies.  

You need to take adequate preparation prior to the hearing so that your Michigan driver assessment reexamination is carried out convincingly to restore your driver’s license.