Mobile Breath Alcohol

The ultimate alcohol monitoring tool, the SL2 is a handheld device that allows offenders to discreetly submit BrAC tests from any location with cellular service. A high-resolution camera verifies the user and the professional-grade fuel cell ensures accurate tests each time.

Scheduled Tests

Scheduled testing several times daily allows officers to keep clients on notice for sobriety. Automatic text message alerts remind offenders when a test is due and provides a 15-minute warning beforehand. If a test result is not received, a second warning will be issued.

Easy To Use

The SL2 is just over 8 ounces. The pocket-sized unit goes anywhere the offender goes, helping to drive compliance. Clients simply power the unit on, insert the mouthpiece, and follow directions on the backlit LCD screen for one-touch testing.

Adaptive Facial Recognition

The SL2 “gets smarter” with each test using facial recognition software that compares each test photo to a template of images. With each captured photo, test results are fine-tuned to adapt to subtle client appearance changes.

Robust Tamper Detection

Being the most reliable includes being the most robust. The SL2 detects tampering by having each breath test pass through a sophisticated algorithm. For any signs of tampering, the test is flagged and the officer is notified via email or text. With more than 1,500 tests between calibration maintenance, the SL2 stays where it should—in the field.

GPS And Cellular

A powerful combination of cellular and GPS ensures results are stored. The real-time client photo and BrAC results are wirelessly transmitted on Verizon’s Private Network to a monitoring server. Location data is logged with GPS or a cell tower fix, and displayed via Google Maps. With the SL2 “queuing” feature, test results are stored in the device whenever it lacks sufficient cell coverage to transmit data. The results will be sent once the device reenters cell range.