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Use of GPS Tethers Reduce Crimes by Sex Offenders

Use of GPS Tethers Reduce Crimes by Sex Offenders

Traditional supervision of sex offenders is not only expensive, but ineffective as well. The sex offender monitoring services Michigan utilizes has shown that GPS tether anklets can not only help law enforcement keep an eye on sex offenders but also has been able to reduce the crimes committed by sex offenders. Many states have started replicating the Michigan tether program as it has been a huge success.

A recent study compared the parolees placed in traditional groups along with the ones put on GPS monitoring. Surprisingly, they found that the parolees in the traditional groups committed more crimes even when they were under supervision. Even the cost analysis studies showed that the lowering of crime rates among parolees did not incur huge costs for the state. In fact electronic monitoring has a lot of advantages, as the Department of Corrections do not have to incarcerate the sex offenders into the already overcrowded prison system.

Crimes by sex offenders are reduced by the use of electronic monitoring since the law enforcement officers are able to track their whereabouts at any time of the day. The sex offenders are aware that they are being tracked so they rarely try to violate the law. Tampering of the GPS tether Michigan is a usual tactics by most offenders but this violation will result in arrest and incarceration. The use of electronic monitoring is quite popular among the states which have limited space in their prisons, and Michigan is near the top of the list.

Sex offenders wearing GPS tether anklets refrain from committing crimes because they fear the consequences of violating the rules, which might lead to jail once again. At least they are free to roam about and lead an otherwise normal life by being able to attend classes or hold down a job. It saves them from being confined to a prison cell, and instead allows them lead a rather normal personal and professional life.  This is a quite effective method which has helped the states reduce the crime rate, especially the sexual crimes like molestation and rape. Something that started out as an experiment is now a norm across the country.